FAQ - BARE.CLUB AI - Is there a problem?


Is there a problem? Here you will find answers to the most common questions.

Upload a photo for which you have the appropriate permissions, and selectively cover the clothing you wish to eliminate with careful painting and press "Go BARE". It's advisable to paint a slightly larger area to provide our AI with more editing space. You may use an AUTO mode or a MANUAL mode to adjust the desired result to your liking.

These adjustments offer a way to customize the generation to align with your preferences. For instance, if you wish to see a younger or a more mature age, feel free to experiment with these adjustments.

Regrettably, we cannot ensure a favorable outcome every time. However, the quality largely hinges on the photo you choose and how accurately you cover the clothing. If you still feel unsatisfied please send us a complain with the original and resulting photos, log of settings used, and a brief descriptions of what exactly seems unsatisfying. We would do our best to adjust our AI and reward you for valuable feedback.

When a user purchases a bundle of credits, they are granted the ability to process respective number of images using our platform. Each credit corresponds to the processing of one image. This pricing model offers flexibility and control to users, allowing users to select the package size that best fits their needs and utilize their credits as they see fit. Users can conveniently track their credit usage within their account dashboard. Bundle purchases are limited to one per day. Purchased credits have no expiration date. However, the provider reserves the right to revoke or cancel credits without reimbursement at any time.